Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing| VAPT Jobs In Delhi

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing| VAPT Jobs In Delhi

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a step by step process vulnerability assessment is the process of scanning the system or software or a network to find out the weakness and loophole in that these loopholes can provide backdoor to the attacker to attack the victim the vulnerability is a software or hardware bug that a malicious individual can exploit the existence of vulnerability in a system impose a threat vulnerability are ranked on the basis of their severity and impact OWASP and SANS are the communities which provide the standard list of most common and serious security OWASP top 10 list emphasize on web application security and represents aboard consensus about what the most critical web application security flows are similarly the CWE/SANS to 25 vulnerability list aims t listing top 25 vulnerabilities in all kind of applicationjobs | CRAW Security

Bytecode Cyber Security is a Training and Consulting Company with high industry training and consulting Standards. Bytecode Cyber Security Deals with various kinds of products like It Infrastructure Implementation, Security Implementations, Security Audits, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing.
Bytecode Cyber Security focus on delivering Best industry Certifications from top vendors and testing facilities for various Vendors.

We try to give you real industry standards with best possible quality to all our customers and clients. We focus on Various sections of Society and running a national level campaign to literate Students from all parts of company who can’t Afford “Basic IT Computer Training”. We wish we could teach as many students from all over the world and make it a beautiful place to work. We work on minimum gross margins to strength the Indian It infrastructure.


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