Android Workshop





Ever wondered about making a game like Subway Surfer? Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users across the globe, as well as an open marketplace for distributing them instantly.Android App Development Workshop mainly focuses on how to use Android OS for building your own Android Application.Whether you are a novice techie, an entrepreneur, or just an Android phone owner, in this course you will learn about making apps and games starting from basic building blocks of making an Android App.


As the course unravels you will learn Android Architecture, Front-End and Back-End design,Layout and Widget designing and the instructor will demonstrate live projects.


Global certification from (Techkriti’17 – IIT Kanpur), Scholarship, Awards, Cash Prize upto Rs. 1200/-, Gift Vouchers, Hack-Tshirts, direct entry to Techkriti’17 Event 2017, Job opportunity and much more…




  1.   Duration: 1 Day [8 hrs] Workshop
  2.   Venue: IIT Kanpur


Included Fee


Workshop Training fee, Certification Fee, Study Material, Digital Forensic Kit, eCourseware access, Exam, Free virtual training, TECHKRITI’17 (IIT Kanpur) registration fee.



Workshop Course Content


Introduction to Android User Interface
» Overview of Android and Android SDK » View Hierarchy and Layouts
» History of Android » UI Events
» Android features » Building Menus
» Notifying users
Android Architecture overview » Creating dialogs
» Introduction to OS layers » Graphics & Animations
» Linux kernel
» Linux kernel Main Building Blocks
» Android Runtime » Activity
» Application framework » Intents
» Services
Setup of Android Development environment » Content Providers
» System requirements » Broadcast Receivers
» Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
» Creating first Android application Resources
» Project Structure » Overview of Android Resources
» Creating Resources
Android Application Fundamentals » Using Resources
» Android application building blocks » Drawable Resources
» Activating components » Animation Resources
» Shutting down components
» LifeCycle of Application Data Storage
» Development tools, Manifest File » Shared Preferences
» LifeCycle of Activity » Internal Storage (Files)
» External Storage(SD Card)
» SQLite Databases