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Android Development

Benefits to students

Global certification from Technex, IIT - bhu), Scholarship, Awards, Cash Prize upto 1 Lakh, Gift Vouchers, Android-Tshirts, direct entry to Technex Event 2014, Job opportunity and much more...

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Introduction to Android

» Overview of Android and Android SDK

» History of Android

» Android features

Android Architecture overview

» Introduction to OS layers

» Linux kernel

» Libraries

» Android Runtime

» Application framework

Setup of Android Development environment

» System requirements

» Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation

» Creating first Android application

» Project Structure

Android Application Fundamentals

» Android application building blocks

» Activating components

» Shutting down components

» LifeCycle of Application

» Development tools, Manifest File

» LifeCycle of Activity

User Interface

» View Hierarchy and Layouts

» UI Events

» Building Menus

» Notifying users

» Creating dialogs

» Graphics & Animations

Main Building Blocks

» Activity

» Intents

» Services

» Content Providers

» Broadcast Receivers


» Overview of Android Resources

» Creating Resources

» Using Resources

» Drawable Resources

» Animation Resources

Data Storage

» Shared Preferences

» Internal Storage (Files)

» External Storage(SD Card)

» SQLite Databases

Android Media API

» Playing audio/video

» Media recording

» Bluetooth

» WiFi

» Camera

» TelephonyManager

» Location Services

» Google Maps

» Deploying Android Application on Device

EC-Council certified

EC-Council certified

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