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Basic Networking Workshop

Benefits to students

Global certification from , Scholarship, Awards, Cash Prize upto 1 Lakh, Gift Vouchers, direct entry to 2014, Job opportunity and much more...

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Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the world of networking personal computers. It focuses on configuring, managing, and troubleshooting elements of the basic network infrastructure.

Once you have successfullly completed this course, you will have mastered the fundamentals of networking. This course also covers maintenance, management, and security of a network. You will be using the LabSim A+ to learn terminology, proceedures and for simulated labs that combines hardware and software tasks to give you the most realistic training experience.

In the LabSim you will experience an integrated learning system which will include:

Video and Simulation Training

Hands-on Practice Labs

Detailed Demonstrations

Written Lessons

Practice Exam

This blended-learning approach gives you the highest-quality IT training available and prepares you for the Network+ (Exam code N10-004) Certification Exam.

Introductution Section: Course Introduction, including the Learning Lab

Module 1 Networking Basics

Module 2 Cables and Connectors

Module 3 Networking Devices

Module 4 Ethernet

Module 5 Network Implementation

Module 6 Wireless Networking

Module 7 Wide Area Networks - WANS

Module 8 Network Security

Module 9 Network Management

Module 10 Troubleshooting

Practice A+ Practical Applications Exam ( 2 hrs)

Specific Course Requirements:

You must be motivated and self directed with the ability to follow a calendar timeline of due dates. You MUST communicate with your instructor a MINIMUM of twice a week. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify the instructor if you have a technical problem or a medical emergency. FIRST THING, EMAIL YOUR INSTRUCTORS SO THEY KNOW YOU ARE ABLE TO LOG INTO YOUR COURSES.

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DIS10 certified

DIS10 certified

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