Classroom Training & Online Training Available DIS is the Globally trusted Brand in Information security and Ethical Hacking Training in world. DIS Consultants include group of Advanced Security

About the online Penetration Testing and Security Analyst Level 2

A online Advance penetration testing , also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyberattack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. In the context of web application security, penetration testing is commonly used to augment a web application firewall (WAF)

DIS is the Globally trusted Brand in Information security and Ethical HackingTraining in world. DIS Consultants include group of Advanced Security Researchers from round the world who are real world Masters in Information Security. DIS is Providing Training via Live Classroom, Virtual Training Labs,Workshops,Webinars,Corporate Training’s, and Training’s via Dis Certified Training Centers (Authorized Training Partners)

This Course has various stages which is necessary for every individual candidate to understand the need for ethical hacking, Some Basics of Penetration Testing Process and Countermeasures to help them understand more about vulnerabilities.

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Penetration Testing Tools

Eligibility Criteria

Any graduate, undergraduate or post-graduate student having a passion for information security can undergo our Cyber Security course in Delhi and become a certified ethical hacker. If you are willing to know more about the course or admission eligibility, just give us a call and we will suggest the best batch option for you.

Our Curriculum

What is Penetration Testing? Best Industry Practices for Penetration Testing.
Various Types of Penetration Testing. Tool-set required for Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing Check Lists (Very Important)
Module 02 : Scoping Your Penetration Testing + -
Scope of Penetration Testing Detailed Reporting documents(Samples)
Rules of Engagement Search Engine Digging and Information Extraction
Information Gathering Using the Latest Reconnaissance Tools
Module 03 : Network & Web-Application Scanning Techniques + -
What is Scanning? User Name Enumeration
What are the Best Tool sets for Scanning- Web Application Scanning Tool. How to Use extract information from TCP Headers : TCP Dump.
INetworking Mapping Tool NMAP Nmap Scripting Engine
Nmap : Version Scanning/ OS Scanning/ Services Scanning/ Finding Vulnerability in Network : GFI / Nessus
Packet Crafting Tool : Scappy/ Colasoft Packet Builder What are the Best Tool sets for Scanning- Network Scanning Tool.
Swizz Knife : Netcat(All in one tool)
Module 04 : Network Exploitation Attack Vectors + -
Network Exploitation Tools AV evasion Techniques in metasploit
Understanding exploits/Payload In-Depth Meterpreter payload Using, Hands-On
In-dept Metasploiting Windows / Linus Systems Gaining Access to Target System using meterpreter Sessions.
Metasploitable : Exercise Using various Metasploit Modules like Exploits/Payloads/auxiliary
Module 05 : Post Exploitation Phase + -
Windows Hidden Commands. Using Nc as a backdoor.
Automated Password Guessing with THC-Hydra/John the ripper Retrieving and Manipulating Hashes from Windows, Linux, and Other Systems
Attacking Passwords using word-list and Brute force
Password Cracking with John the Ripper Dictionary Table Generation
Password Cracking with Hydra Using Rainbow Tables to Maximum Effectiveness
Sniffing and Cracking Windows Authentication Exchanges Using Cain Pass-the-Hash Attacks with Metasploit and More
Module 07 : Web Application Penetration Testing + -
Finding and Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting Cross-Site Request Forgery
SQL Injection Finding & Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting
Leveraging SQL Injection to Perform Command Injection Maximizing Effectiveness of Command Injection Testing
Web Application Exploitation Using w3af/Acunetix/Burpsuite/Proxy application Various Modules in Burp like /sequencer/repeater/Dir scanning/splitting response
How to use Burp Suite? Capturing and replaying request and responses.
Performing Command Injection Source Code Disclosure attack
Hidden form Field Exploitation Attacks
Penetration Testing Deliverables & Conclusion Post Testing Actions
Penetration Testing Report Analysis Ethics of a Penetration Tester
Penetration Testing Report & Documentation Writing Standards and Compliance

Batch Options

Weekday Classes

  • Monday to Friday
  • Duration : 2-3 Hours
  • Number of classes: 60-80 Hours(Instructor-Led Training))
  • 8:2 Practical Theory Ratio

Weekend Classes

  • Every Sunday and Saturday
  • Duration : 4 to 8 hours.
  • Number of classes : (60-80 Hours)
  • 8:2 Practical Theory Ratio

Regular Batch

Monday To Friday Batch Timings:
10:00 -12:00
1:00 – 3:00
3:00 – 5:00
5:00 – 7:00

Alternate Days

Mon-Wed-Fri Tue-Thu-Sat
Batch Timings:
10:00 -12:00
1:00 – 3:00
3:00 – 5:00
5:00 – 7:00


Batch Timings:
10:00 -01:00
1:00 – 4:00
4:00 – 7:00

Sunday Only

Batch Timings:
9:00 -01:00
1:00 – 5:00
5:00 –8:00

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ethical hacking course teaches students how to identify the vulnerable areas of the information security network and shield it. Students are taught how to deploy penetration testing techniques to check the level of weakness or loopholes in the information security network.

A candidate can get admission in this course after completing his bachelor’s in computer science or IT course. There are many private institutions which offer this course. Interested candidate can do this course private institutions and later on get the Certification in hacking

Anyone can get admission in the course. But a candidate should have done a Diploma or Degree in the IT system or computer science. It helps the student to learn easily about the operating system, programming and soft wares application used in ethical hacking.

There is a growing demand in the market for the ethical hackers. Many government organizations, MNC’s, big corporates, IT companies employ ethical hackers.

After doing the course in ethical hacking a person should take the V9 exam of CEH, which is equivalent to EC 312-50 exam

A fresher candidate of ethical hacking can get a salary in the range of 20,000 to 25, 000. In only 2 or 3 years of time his salary will go up to 50, 000 to 60, 000.

What you will get

  • Certificate
  • All Ethical Hacking Tools
  • T-Shirt
  • Book
  • Life Time Membership Card
  • 100% Job Placement
  • Online Test Voucher Code.
  • Written Test Voucher Code.
  • DVD with tools , Videos , Practice Tests , Virtual Labs.

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  • 4.5

    I attended workshop of Byte code Cyber Security Pvt Ltd. The way they teach......the way they demonstrate the things, their doubts sessions... awesome......Even trainers are so keen that they actually spend time on core concepts instead of going Haywire....worth attending the to see you again # TEAM BYTE CODE

    amit yadav
  • 4.5

    Best training center for ethical hacking and cyber forensics in delhi/ncr. I m from GNIIT college and I attended hacking workshop of byte code and after that I joined the institute for depth knowledge in cyber security and i got the depth knowledge in cyber security and I thankful to the trainers to give me the best training. I m so much satisfied with byte code

    Raman Nagpal
  • 4.5

    it's the best training center for student who genuinely wants to make carrier in cyber security . The teacher are awesome and phenomenally experienced the field always tech all the concept through practicals.

    Faustin Nguye neza

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