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Ethical Hacking Course


If you want to become a ethical hacker bytecode cyber security provides you best platform to learn ethical hacking.An Ethical Hacker Exposes vulnerabilities software to help business owners fix those security holes before a malicious hacker discover them.Bytecode Cyber security Provieds you Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi.In this Course,you learn all about Ethiical Hacking with loads of live hacking examples to make the subject matter clear.

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Ethical Hacking Course
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Skills Required to Become a Ethical Hacker

Skills allow you to achieve your desired goals within the available time and resources. As a hacker, you will need to develop skills that will help you get the job done. These skills include learning how to program, use the internet, good at solving problems, and taking advantage of existing security tools



Module 01:Introduction to Basics of Ethical Hacking
Module 02: Foot-printing Active (Tool Based Practical)
Module 03: Foot-printing Passive (Passive Approach)
Module 04: In-depth Network Scanning
Module 05: Enumeration User Identification
Module 06: System Hacking Password Cracking & Bypassing
Module 07: Viruses and Worms
Module 08: Trojan and Back door
Module 09: Bots and Botnets
Module 10: Sniffers MITM with Kali
Module 11: Sniffers MITM with Windows
Module 12: Social Engineering Techniques Theoretical Approach
Module 13: Social Engineering Toolkit Practical Based Approach
Module 14: Denial of Service DOS & DDOS Attacks



Module 15: Web Session Hijacking
Module 16: SQL Injection Manual Testing
Module 17: SQL Injection Automated Tool Based Testing
Module 18: Basics of Web App Security
Module 19: Hacking Web servers Server Rooting
Module 20: Hacking Wireless Networks Manual CLI Based
Module 21: Hacking Wireless Network
Module 22: Evading IDS, Firewall
Module 23: Honey pots
Module 24: Buffer Overflow
Module 25: Cryptography
Module 26: Penetration Testing: Basics
Module 27: Mobile Hacking
Module 28: IoT Hacking
Module 29: Cloud Security and many more



Top 20 Tools for Ethical hacking

What are Hacking Tools?

Hacking Tools are computer programs and scripts that help you find and exploit weaknesses in computer systems, web applications, servers and networks. There is a variety of such tools available on the market. Some of them are open source while others are commercial solution.

In this list we highlight the top 20 tools for Ethical Hacking

1) Netsparker
2) Acunetix
3) Probely
4) Wallarm
5) PureVPN
6) Burp Suite
7) Ettercap
8) Aircrack
9) Angry IP Scanner
10) GFI LanGuard
11) Savvius
12) QualysGuard
13) WebInspect
14) Hashcat
15) L0phtCrack
16) Rainbow Crack
17) IKECrack
18) IronWASP
19) Medusa
20) NetStumbler

Ethical Hacking Career: Job Profiles


an ethical hacker can try for the following roles:

    • Information Security Analyst
    • Security Analyst
    • Certified Ethical Hacker
    • Ethical Hacker
    • Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)
    • Information Security Manager
    • Penetration Tester


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