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A Advance penetration testing course, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. In the context of web application security, penetration testing is commonly used to augment a web application firewall (WAF) Bytecode cyber security provides you Penetration Testing Certification Program In Noida. Bytecode provides you CLASSROOM TRAINING &  ONLINE TRAINING with experienced trainer and powerful training tool that can be utilized specifically where preparing irequired.e.g., in the classroom, in the workplace. bytecode cyber security provides you good learning environment and better job opportunity.

   Top 7 Penetration Testing Tools

    1. Wireshark
    2. Nmap
    3. Metasploit
    4. John the Ripper
    5. Nessus
    6. Burpsuite
    7. Aircrack-ng

Who will teach this Penetration Testing Certification Program In Noida?

This Penetration Testing Certification Program is taught to you by Bytecode cyber security expert senior trainers industry professionals and is designed by industry well known security consultants from round the world. Course is been taught by well experienced DIS Certified Trainers only. Bytecode cyber security have a team of expert senior trainers work together to make sure the development of the set of skills for each individual. Our Trainers is well educated and experienced.

Course Content Of Penetration Testing Certification Program In Noida

Module 01 : How To Plan Your Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing? Best Industry Practices for Penetration Testing.
Various Types of Penetration Testing. Tool-set required for Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing Check Lists (Very Important)

Module 02 : Scoping Your Penetration Testing

Scope of Penetration Testing Detailed Reporting documents(Samples)
Rules of Engagement Search Engine Digging and Information Extraction
Information Gathering Using the Latest Reconnaissance Tools

Module 03 : Network & Web-Application Scanning Techniques

What is Scanning? User Name Enumeration
What are the Best Tool sets for Scanning- Web Application Scanning Tool. How to Use extract information from TCP Headers : TCP Dump.
INetworking Mapping Tool NMAP Nmap Scripting Engine
Nmap : Version Scanning/ OS Scanning/ Services Scanning/ Finding Vulnerability in Network : GFI / Nessus
Packet Crafting Tool : Scappy/ Colasoft Packet Builder What are the Best Tool sets for Scanning- Network Scanning Tool.
Swizz Knife : Netcat(All in one tool)

Module 04 : Network Exploitation Attack Vectors

Network Exploitation Tools AV evasion Techniques in metasploit
Understanding exploits/Payload In-Depth Meterpreter payload Using, Hands-On
In-dept Metasploiting Windows / Linus Systems Gaining Access to Target System using meterpreter Sessions.
Metasploitable : Exercise Using various Metasploit Modules like Exploits/Payloads/auxiliary

Module 05 : Post Exploitation Phase

Windows Hidden Commands. Using Nc as a backdoor.
Automated Password Guessing with THC-Hydra/John the ripper Retrieving and Manipulating Hashes from Windows, Linux, and Other Systems
Attacking Passwords using word-list and Brute force


Password Cracking with John the Ripper Dictionary Table Generation
Password Cracking with Hydra Using Rainbow Tables to Maximum Effectiveness
Sniffing and Cracking Windows Authentication Exchanges Using Cain Pass-the-Hash Attacks with Metasploit and More

Module 07 : Web Application Penetration Testing

Finding and Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting Cross-Site Request Forgery
SQL Injection Finding & Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting
Leveraging SQL Injection to Perform Command Injection Maximizing Effectiveness of Command Injection Testing
Web Application Exploitation Using w3af/Acunetix/Burpsuite/Proxy application Various Modules in Burp like /sequencer/repeater/Dir scanning/splitting response
How to use Burp Suite? Capturing and replaying request and responses.
Performing Command Injection Source Code Disclosure attack
Hidden form Field Exploitation Attacks


Penetration Testing Deliverables & Conclusion Post Testing Actions
Penetration Testing Report Analysis Ethics of a Penetration Tester
Penetration Testing Report & Documentation Writing Standards and Compliance

Exam Details Of Penetration Testing Certification Program In Noida

Training Mode : Offensive/Defensive Course Duration : 60-80 Hours(Instructor-Led Training) 2 Hours /8 Hours /4 Hours Per Day Exam Code : DIS10.2  Exam Duration: 4 Hours (Written) Exam Duration: 8 Hours (Lab Challenge) Exam Fee : 600 USD (Written + Lab Challenge) Credits: 25 Credits (Towards DIS10:Diploma in Information Security)

Bytecode Cyber Security Google Reviews

vansh verma
vansh vermaL Great teachers, amazing staff and they teach you according to your level of understanding. An astonishing place to learn about security and securing one self. #CEH
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh2 Real World Ethical hacking Courses Taught at Bytecode so i learned a lot of cyber security and ethical hacking related topics and learn a lot from there office. it is very nice place for students to learn ethical hacking and cyber was really a great experience for me !
shubham sharma
shubham sharma1 Best faculty. Best stuff. Quality is awesome must visit to take demo and for enrollment to become a ethical hacker.
Sushil Royal
Sushil Royal1 Real Web Developing & Python Courses Taught at Bytecode so i learned a lot of Web Developing and Python related topics and learn a lot from there office. it is very nice place for students to learn Web Developing and Python. it was really a great experience for me
Deepali yadav
Deepali yada Staff is very good. Positive environment. Learn lots of things about cyber security
sandeep chaudhary
sandeep chaudhary1 This is amazing institute for perfect knowledge….about cyber world…..and every thing is in practically ….. in my point of view this is the best institute of delhi ncr for cyber security
radhey chaudhary
radhey chaudhary1 The training quality is best. Must visit. Perfect trainers and staff too.
Partho Mondal
Partho Mondal4 Real world experience with faculties, well enjoyed a lot Thanks to Mohit Sir, to guide us. And thankful to bytec0de.
Suparna Malakar
Suparna Malakar2 Must visit to become a perfect hacker awesome faculty well knowledgeable about various types of course regarding cyber security.
Jigeesha Agarwal
Jigeesha Agarwal2 Best place to learn python ….. Best place to get the training for CEH…. I adore your teaching method
Vivek Mallick
Vivek Mallick1 The training was very good and it cleared all the concept related to ethical hacking also the trainer is very good.
Talim Khan
Talim Khan1 Bytecode is the best Institute for cyber security that have best teaching faculty/staff. Teachers always help students👌👌👌
Pranav Bhist
Pranav Bhist2 I enjoyed my time being there The tutors are so helpful and supportive Everything was organized and according to the timetable we had access to many resources.
Akshay singh
Akshay singh1 Trainers are best. best training good environment.
rocky d
rocky d2 it was really a great experience for me ! i adore your teaching method ,I have learned many things in such a short time.
Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh1 Nice faculty Best training provided here must join


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